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快乐时时彩官网 美国Faustel干燥设备

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Faustel提供支持两个卷筒机,浮选机溶剂,水性或溶剂,热固化涂料。我们也整合到我们的涂装生产线中的紫外光和电子束固化设备以及红外线烘干。 产品规格

材料:纸张,薄膜和金属箔 卷筒纸宽度:610 MM-3050毫米(24“-120”) 速度:610米/分钟。 (2000 FPM) 涂料:溶剂,水溶液或100%固体的热固化 结构材料:涂层钢板或不锈钢 热源:煤气,电或蒸汽 饰品

过滤器洁净室施工 冷却辊 支持提升机的结构和人行道 的LEL显示器和控制器 UV或EB固化系统 高级操作员控制,包括集成与主涂层机控制 采用双层结构,隔热罩罩内陷或访问到内部的铰链门 固定或可变速风扇。风扇设置可以为配方驱动。


地平线支撑辊机是一种混合型烘干机,利用元素的支撑辊机和浮选机。它具有更好的传热特性及干燥比单个侧辊支撑机的能力,同时保持该样式的灵活性和卷材处理范围。该网站是从两侧加热,是在空气中的情况下的浮选机,以便它可以在一个较短的距离,大多数涂料干燥。它也有需要标准的支撑辊机的设计消除了弓的优势,从而不再需要额外的建筑净空高度。 高传热高效的干燥 喷嘴设计和间距,以适应干燥应用


DRI主机是传统的,弓型的支撑辊机通常具有^的单端(上图)加热的Web。这可以是半多孔织物或应用程序,需要短的干燥炉的^佳选择,并提供了一个非常灵活的干燥箱。 怠速或驱动的Web支承辊,以适应干燥应用 顶侧和底侧的的暖气组合,以匹配过程要求


靠垫空气干燥器支持网页上的气垫干燥过程中,消除与他们的昂贵支持辊和持续的维护。垫空气干燥器来在两个浮选安排。空气供给喷嘴可以被以交错的,符号波图案利用压力垫设计或交替地布置,与一系列的翼型件,从下面支承纸幅,而喷嘴安排各种提供上部空气,包括逆流,槽和孔酒吧。 高传热高效的干燥 喷嘴设计和间距,以适应干燥应用

Drying Equipment for Drying and Curing

Faustel offers both roll-support dryers and flotation dryers for solvent, aqueous or solventless, thermally cured coatings. We also integrate ultraviolet and electron beam curing equipment as well as infrared dryers into our coating lines. Specifications

Materials: paper, film and foil Web widths: 610 mm-3050 mm (24"-120") Speed: up to 610 meters/min. (2000 fpm) Coatings: solvent, aqueous or 100% solids thermal cure Materials of construction: coated steel or stainless steel Heat source: gas, electric or steam Accessories

Filters for clean room construction Cooling rolls Support structure and walkways for elevated dryers LEL monitors and controllers UV or EB curing systems Advanced operator controls including integration with main coating machine controls Double wall, insulated enclosures with hood retraction or hinged doors for access to interior Fixed or variable-speed fans available. Fan setting can be recipe driven.

Horizon Roller Support Dryers

The Horizon Roll Support dryer is a hybrid dryer, utilizing elements of roll support dryers and floatation dryers. It has better heat transfer and drying capabilities than a single side roll support dryer, while maintaining the flexibility and web handling range of that style. The web is heated from both sides, as is the case in an air flotation dryer, so that it can dry most coatings in a shorter distance. It also has the advantage of eliminating the arch required of standard roll support dryer designs, thus removing the need for additional building headroom. High Heat Transfer for Efficient Drying Nozzle Design and Pitch to Suit Drying Application

Dri-Master Roller Support Dryer

Dri-Master dryers are traditional, arch-type roll support dryers typically featuring only single (top) side heating of the web. This can be the best choice for semi-porous webs or applications requiring short drying ovens, and provides a very versatile drying oven. Idling Or Driven Web Support Rollers To Suit Drying Application Top-Side And Bottom-Side Heating Combinations To Match Process Requirements

Cushion-Air Floatation Dryer

Cushion Air dryers support the web on a cushion of air through the drying process and eliminate the costly support rollers and ongoing maintenance associated with them. Cushion-Air dryers come in two floatation arrangements. The air supply nozzles can either be arranged in a staggered, sign wave pattern utilizing a pressure-pad design or alternately, with a series of airfoils supporting the web from below while a variety of nozzle arrangements provide topside air, including counterflow, slot and hole-bar. High Heat Transfer for Efficient Drying Nozzle Design and Pitch to Suit Drying Application

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