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秒速时时彩 意大利COMBER机床制造公司

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COMBER是北意大利机床制造公司,固液分离,真空干燥批量装备的^供应商。该机器的生产中使用的药物成分,精细化学品,染料和食品添加剂。 COMBER的产品范围包括过滤器,过滤器/干衣机,卧式真空桨机和搅拌真空锅机。个人生产经营单位,以及完整的安装与辅助设备和丰富的工程服务。



超过40年的经验,在过滤器/干衣机和烘干机的设计和制造 PLC,DCS,PC的自动化系统 DQ,IQ,OQ - 资质文件 ISO 9001认证 工厂和现场验收测试(FAT-SAT) ^高的质量标准 翻新的二手设备作为新的条件 通过内部开发的技术^ 实验室和试点单位测试的过滤和/或干燥过程 不断的技术改进 技术上合格的合作伙伴,代理商,分销商和世界各地的持牌人 根据客户的具体任务,个别的方法 压力容器设计和计算,符合ASME等国际机构,包括要求。 U-邮票,BS 5500,TÜV,CODAP / APAVE,SVTI,VSR / Ispesl的,PED,等。 工艺的研究和开发 ^优的质量/价格比 全球范围内的技术支持(安装,调试,配件供应,维修服务以及维护合同) 如ASME,法国船级社,挪威船级社,VINCOTTE,劳氏船级社等国际权威机构的批准机 系统可靠性高 处理中的广泛的建筑材料:如哈氏合金,904L,254 SMO,等的过滤器/过滤器的干衣机的不锈钢和特殊合金也可以在玻璃衬里的版本 操作员保护和环保的设计 生产单元,包括完整的工程尺寸的辅助设备,如加热/冷却单元,冷凝器,真空组,遏制装置(手套箱)和微波加热系统

COMBER is a north Italian machine manufacturing Company, a leading supplier of batch equipment for solids-liquid separation and vacuum drying. The machines are used in the production of pharmaceutical ingredients, fine chemicals, dyes and food additives. The COMBER range of products includes filters, filter/dryers, horizontal vacuum paddle dryers and agitated vacuum pan dryers. Individual production units as well as complete installations with supplementary equipment and extensive engineering services are available.

COMBER was established in 1960 as a privately held Italian enterprise. The headquarters and the production are based in Colzate (Bergamo).   

COMBER machines are in operation on all continents. An efficient after-sales service provides support to operators of the machines.

More than 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of filters/dryers and dryers  Automation systems by PLC, PC, DCS DQ, IQ, OQ – Qualification documentation ISO 9001 Certification Factory and site acceptance tests (FAT-SAT) Highest quality standards Refurbishment of used equipment to as new conditions Leading technology through in-house developments Lab and pilot units for the testing of filtration and/or drying processes Continuous technical improvements Technically qualified partners, agencies, distributors and licensees world-wide Development of individual approaches based on Customer specific tasks Pressure vessel design and calculation conforming to the requirements of international Authorities such as ASME incl. U-Stamp, BS 5500, TÜV, Codap/Apave, SVTI, VSR/Ispesl, PED, etc. Process researches and developments Optimal quality / price ratio World-wide technical support (installation, commissioning, parts supply, repair services as well as maintenance contracts) Machine approvals by international authorities such as ASME, Bureau Veritas, Norske Veritas, Vincotte, Lloyd's Register, etc. High systems reliability Processing of a wide range of construction materials: stainless steels and special alloys such as Hastelloy, 904L, 254 SMO, etc. The filter / filter-dryers are also available in glass-lined version Operator protection and environmentally sound design Complete engineering of production units including sizing of auxiliary equipment such as heating / cooling units, condensers, vacuum groups, containment devices (glove box) and microwave heating systems

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